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Okay, let me share with my writer friends what’s happening with me. I’m writing a book.  Trying to finish one would be the best way to phrase it. I’m down to the last couple of chapters and I’m stuck. And here’s another fun fact for you. I have an idea for another one. Topics are total opposite, even the genres.  But my mind is focusing on finishing the one project so I can start the other.  Can any of you relate?

I guess my challenge is showing me what many of you authors already know. It’s easier to start a novel than to finish one.

Trying to Finish

My current project is based on a Biblical character found in the Old Testament. Because I’m a male from the South, you might be thinking a testosterone laden warrior like Samson or David. No, surprisingly the heroine of my project is a Canaanite prostitute named Rahab.

The project is my first novel and a work of fiction. It needs to be because there are only a few chapters dedicated to Rahab in the book, Joshua. Her story is an obscure back drop of the larger account of Israel conquering the Promised Land. Most Christians and Jews are familiar with her story.

I want to finish this novel with a bang. Much like a Clancy or Silva story, having the reader frantically turning pages to see how it ends. The only problem is readers familiar with the story know the girl’s fate and the story’s end. I know there are nuances I can conjure to boost up excitement, just haven’t found them yet.

Wanting to Start

My next project requires more research and commitment on my part. I want to tell the story of the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army during World War II. Their story fascinates me. I love a good war yarn and am stoked to begin as soon as possible. It’s the type of work I love to read. I’m a fervent fan of Michael Shaara and his son Jeff; and the master of historical fiction, Ken Follet.

I love the idea of taking multiple POVs to tell a story, something I am currently attempting in my current project. And I plan to do the same with this one. Although I am well versed with World War II history, I must admit, I know very little about their story. I want to be accurate with the facts, like the dates and characters – who said what and when. So, I know I’m going to need to research daily and for some time.

My Dilemma

Where I need help is how I should plan now? Do I focus my energy in finishing my Rahab project and put the 10th on the back burner? Or should I focus on where my excitement lies and wait till my imagination is triggered to finish book 1?

I want to finish Rahab and start the process of getting it published (something I know little about), but I want it to be a good ending as well.

Your thoughts?



  1. Hmm. Well, I can only speak from personal experience, but I normally struggle every time I near the end of a WIP. Those final chapters can be murderous to wade through. Personally, I LOVE Old Testament fiction, so naturally, I’m going to tell you to finish the WIP, LOL. That’s not to say the other doesn’t sound interesting as well (my father fought in WWII).

    I find it easy to get distracted by shiny new ideas when I’m writing. It NEVER fails that when I am halfway, or mostly through a book, another idea surfaces trying to lure me away. Somehow over the years (decades?) I’ve taught myself to be disciplined. I finish my current project before branching off into intriguing new territory and find that my excitement for the new project doesn’t wane but only grows stronger. It becomes my reward for finishing.

    Also, when I get stuck on something, I force myself to bulldoze through. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to find the next scene that works, but eventually with persistence, I find the payoff.

    Wishing you luck which ever you decide, Will!

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  2. I think you should follow your greatest passion. If, right now, that is getting started on the new book, then do that and set the other one aside temporarily. Then go back to it when you’re ready. If you try to rush through writing the ending so that you can start the new project, your ending may suffer because you are distracted. Just my 2 cents.

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