Finding Your Inspiration to Write


Writers need inspiration. Unfortunately, inspiration is not always available. The biggest fear for every writer is starting the day with nothing to write. No idea – not a one. Another is having plenty of ideas to choose from, with none of them sparking the imagination..

Whatever you write, you must be inspired to produce good work.  An important aspect of becoming a successful writer is knowing where to find your inspiration. Here are a few ideas to keep those creative juices flowing. And remember – for the professional writer, it’s part of your job.


To me, music is the most inspiring form of art which exists. I start each day with it. The melody and the lyrics can combine to increase my emotional plane, or just relax me.  I may be reading a book or writing when iTunes is on my buds, but the music will still inspire.

The reason music is so powerful is it hits you from different angles. It is able to move us with melody, lyrics and memories, all working together to channel great motivation for future projects.


Great reads inspire good writing. For me personally, when I’m not reading a book in my leisure, I’m listening to one. For long drives, I have a book queued up in Audible to make the time pass and involve myself in a great story. I also fall asleep each night with some voiceover actor, telling a story in my ear.

In my subconscious, I’m learning about plot and character development and how to make words flow. Find yourself a slew of favorite authors and devour their work. I’m a fan of fiction but read self-help and Christian books as well.


If you are a blogger, read other blogs. I faithfully engage on WordPress Reader to learn and become familiar with other writers. I also seek out blogs for related information for my own projects. Some are good, some are not, but it puts my writing in perspective. Plus, you can garner a lot of information about a lot of different topics. This knowledge may inspire you on your next project.


Stephen King got inspiration for his bestseller Carrie from his time as a janitor. The opening scene came from his recollection of a tampon machine while he scrubbed rust stains in a girl’s lavatory shower. It was his first bestseller, and he is now one of America’s great novelist.

We all have memories, strange and normal, which can lead us toward some great writing. Reflect on your past to stimulate your imagingation.


The TV has all kinds of genres which can help us with creativity.  Comedy, drama, crime thrillers, and documentaries; and they all are created by writers. Television has a plethora of lines, ideas, and subplots which can help motivate your own creativity.

Just last week I stole a line or two from Ray Romano on his Netflix standup special. And yes, it did pass my plagiarism software.

Stepping Away

Sometimes we may want to get away from the computer and take a drive or go for a walk. Putting a project down for a few minutes or a few days can allow us to come back to it with a fresh perspective.

When I step away for a time, then come back, it’s like I’m looking at the assignment for the first time. The work itself begins to inspire me again, and I can evaluate my writing clearly and edit accordingly. It always improves the piece because it gives me time to reinvigorate my motivation.


Your mind is a powerful computer, constantly absorbing information and ideas. Once you tap into it, an endless pool of inspiration and art is ready to be organized into your next great piece.

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