Loving God


You display love with your giving nature. You set the standard at the Cross. Your sacrifice was a show of honor, and you did it with a humble heart.

How can I do for others, what you have done for me? You reached down from heaven and placed your hand on my head.

It was more than oily fingers; it was more than a spoken prayer. You left your loftyfoster-care-life-for-child-11-30f9a04f05906ea3002b44f00c45bb18 position and came to me in my pain.

You rescued me from my circumstances and ignored my unpleasant appearance. You forgave my transgressions and showed me the greatest form of worship.

So, as I sing my hymns, and pray my daily prayers – I won’t forget the one you favor, the one who needs You the most.

Prepare me for service in your sanctuary – arm me with the resources I need. Surround me with an army who loves how You love – and we will be victorious in your cause and get closer to you each day.

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