Chasing After God

Chasing after God

I am here Lord, looking for you. I’m not much if you compare, my accomplishments go unnoticed – my talents few.

But I have you, and most important you have me.

This synergy can do great things in the lives of a few. No fanfare – no crowds cheering – just a few lives changed, and your heart pleased.

What ambition is more important than pleasing you? And what pleases you more than my sharing your grace with others?

Fill me with love with an overflow! Splash your grace on those around me. Position me with the poor and give hope to the widow and orphan.

You are the difference maker; me, an empty vessel. Share with me your wisdom and be my mentor. Meet with me daily as I chase you and give me pure advice.

I have a cause – You gave it to me. Like David against Goliath – you will give me victory, and I will be known as a man after your own heart.

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