It’s Been A While

I'm BackOver the past several months, I have been more than inactive on this site – I’ve been invisible. But I do have an excuse. I can honestly boast I am now a paid writer who has been making an honest dollar writing copy for several clients in diverse industries; industries ranging from plastic surgery, pest control, and gutter cleaning. Glamorous, I know. With the advice and admonitions of several gifted editors, I hope to have learned something in the process and became a better writer.

With this newfound career, I do have a better understanding of effective writing, communication, and deadlines. It has also kept me busy but unfortunately, away from this site. But not anymore, dilly-dilly. After managing to keep my clients happy with a steady stream of copy, and managing my time more effectively, I have committed to a couple or three posts a week for your reading pleasure – or revulsion. Either way, I hope to have an impact.

Current Events

For my reading pleasure, I am a huge fan of historical fiction, so a few months ago, I started the frightening endeavor of writing my first novel. Well, not so frightening until I try to get it published which I will avoid until I finish. My daily writing sessions have become quite enjoyable as I forge forward with developing of characters and the storyline. There is no title presently, but I chose the biblical character Rahab as my topic, the Canaanite prostitute of the book of Joshua.

The biggest challenge is writing a novel about a character with so little dedicated to her in the Bible, but whose impact on Christendom is tremendous, being in the bloodline of Jesus as mentioned in the first chapter of Matthew. I have to say it has been an adventure and has also got my creative juices flowing daily. More fun than writing about boob jobs and bugs I have to say.

Amazing about this woman was her ability to trust God in her dire circumstances. She was faithful, and God rewarded her with Salvation and position. It’s a lesson I have taken seriously in my own life as we all should as well.

I have a self-imposed deadline for finishing the first draft by year’s end. Then I look for publishers or editors or get involved with whatever the process is because this is all new territory for me. However, I feel it has given me something to work toward and pray for every day.

And Then

An interesting thing happened when I started writing this book – God started to break my heart. When trying to create a scenario on why Rahab became a harlot, it got me thinking about women of this profession today, and what happened in their life to land them in this field. Through a series of events which included research and conversations, God has brought me to a new life mission involving foster-care kids.

The statistics of these unfortunate children are mind-blowing and has brought me to a place where the kid’s pastor of my church and I started a local ministry with these kids in mind. I am excited to see what God does here because He instructs us to care for them as well as the widows and the poor. I was once told if I want God to like the things I like, I should like the things he likes as well. What more does God like according to scripture than the disenfranchised? I believe this mission will prosper our church.

What to Expect

So, you can look forward to future updates of where God leads me in these areas and how he chooses to use us as we move forward. I look forward to keeping in touch.
That’s it for now, will be posting again real soon – I promise.


  1. May I give you something for free as you work on this book? Don’t forget about the one who would eventually marry her. I believe it was Salmon. I believe Salmon was one of the spies that stayed in her house, one of the ones she hid. I believe that it was during that short time sparks flew and the both of them fell in love. There is strong evidence for my theory when you put the pieces together. Just look him up, if you haven’t already. He’s mentioned both in the Old Testament and the New.
    Stop and think, also about the fact that here was a Hebrew prince who fell in love with a harlot and redeemed her by making her his own. He was a forefather of Christ, making him therefore just one more example of courageous men willing to take a risk for the one’s they loved. The romantic heritage of Jesus Christ is a verifiable one, culminating in HIs selfless love demonstrated on the cross.

    I hope that gives you something to think about 🙂

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    • Thanks Anthony, and yes I have the sparks flying from the time they met in her dwelling, and I have a wedding planned for them after the walls come down. Having a lot of fun from a military aspect, romance, and rescue at the end. I should get a movie deal out of it! LOL


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