A Storm Between Two Miracles…

Jesus is in a flux. The talk of Him replacing Herod did not sit well. We have been separated from the people and their talk of conspiracy.

It is late, but Jesus is insistent. “Go to the other side, now!” 

What has happened? We witnessed a phenomenon! He fed as many as twenty thousand with two fish and five loaves. We are still trying to get our heads around that, and now we are being ordered to flee to the other side of the Galilee!

The people want to make Him king. Is that such a bad idea? Herod is a self serving tyrant, an adulterer with his brother’s wife, and the killer of John the Baptist! He should be replaced.

And Jesus would be a great replacement.! He is a man from God, and a Man of God! Why does Jesus refuse to serve in this capacity?

We’re all in the boat, but Jesus is going toward the mountain. Why is He leaving us when there’s so much to discuss? What’s s wrong with Him being king? Isn’t that the destiny of the Messiah?

No doubt, He’s going to pray. That’s what He does when He’s alone. He’s in a hurry to get there. Alone with Himself and the Father.


Crossing the sea is not a tough assignment. We are fishermen. We are at home here. As we leave, the moon is full and the sky is clear. Looks like a safe journey, but still, I don’t like being separated from Jesus.

There is talk among us. Talk about the miracle we just witnessed and leaving such a great opportunity. Judas is visibly upset. This is why he follows Jesus. He sees Him as king of Israel and the One to free us of Rome’s yoke. He acts like Jesus slapped him in the face. We are disappointed, but we obey Him nonetheless. 


The weather is changing. We are about three miles out and the wind is picking up. This is not good. Rain starts to fall, but it is the wind that worries me. 

How frustrating. We were in such a good place on shore after witnessing a great miracle, but now it looks like we will have to fight to make it to our destination. The most frustrating aspect is that Jesus sent us out here. 

The waves are higher now. We are fighting to keep the boat afloat. I’ve been in storms before, but this one is the worst yet. Worse than the one when Jesus was with us. When He calmed the weather with just three words, “peace be still”. 

Where is He now? We need Him! Why didn’t He come with us? Now we have to face this storm alone!

I’m upset! Why did Jesus send us out here alone? Does He not care for us? Sure, He heals the lame and feeds the hungry, but leaves us alone to die!

What is this coming our way? It looks like a ghost gliding on the water. Oh my, first a storm and now we’re being attacked by spirits! 

Now I know fear. I have never been so frightened in my life. Now this spirit wants to speak to us,

Don’t be afraid, Take courage. I am here! ” (Matthew 14:27)

Who is that? Is that Jesus? It sounds like Him. Let’s get Him in the boat!

What is Peter doing? 

Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.” (Matthew 14:26)

Have you lost your mind Peter? Don’t you dare get out of this boat! You are so impulsive, you never think before you speak or act!

“Yes, come,” Jesus said. (Matthew 14:29)

Did Jesus just tell Peter to join Him? We need Jesus in the boat, not Peter outside of it! Oh, man, there he goes!

“Get back in here Peter!”

Hold on–is he walking on water too? He is! He’s walking toward Jesus!

Ah oh, he’s going under. No way he can survive in these seas! 

Wait. Jesus is on him! There we go, He just pulled Peter out and is bringing him back to the boat.

“Get them guys, help them in!”

“Jesus, thank you for coming.”

What’s this, it’s calm all of a sudden! And we are at the shoreline. Oh my, Jesus is truly the son of God.

Two great miracles within twelve hours. 

Whatever doubts I have had before, I have none now. He is a man, but He is also God, and I must worship Him as such!

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