A “Come To Jesus” Moment…


It’s been a whirlwind since the last time we were here. Following Jesus is quite eventful. Since the wedding feast, we have been to Passover in Jerusalem, through Samaria, and in Jesus’ home town of Capernaum. We baptized many near Salim, and now we are back to Cana.

I’ve seen much. I’ve also seen a different side of Jesus. He can get quite upset when He sees God’s house used for personal gain. He stood up to the Pharisees, something they are not accustomed to.

He also did many miracles while we were in Jerusalem. Healing the lame and ill, casting out the demonic. Never a dull moment when you follow Jesus.

But the people seemed more entertained with what He did than enamored about who He is. I got the sense they thought of Him as a curiosity more than a Messiah.

Samaria was a different story. Jesus did no miracles there, but they fell in love with Him. Just one conversation with one woman and the whole town came out to hear Him. They eagerly received us and believed Jesus! They didn’t want us to leave!

We looked forward to returning to Galilee, but it was similar to Jerusalem. People treated Jesus like a hero at first, but then they started to question His position. They gave Him no respect and eventually rebuked Him. Jesus said that no Prophet receives honor in his hometown. I need to remember that.

The Jews seem more willing to doubt Him than believe. All they want is a sign, like some circus act. They don’t want to get to know Him. To me that is the best part. I have seen as many miracles performed by Him as anyone, yet He is greater than His works. I believe He is the key to eternal life.

Perhaps Cana will be different. Perhaps we will find hospitality and get some rest. We have been traveling so much and Jesus has been working so hard. In Jerusalem, He stayed up all night with the Pharisee Nicodemus. They talked about rebirth and God’s Spirit. I was just as confused as Nicodemus seemed to be.

Jesus needs to recharge because I can see He is not one to sit back for long.

Who is this coming? It looks like someone of high station judging by their clothing and the horses they ride. Perhaps a government official. That’s all we need. We heard Herod arrested The Baptist recently. I hope this is not trouble.

Jesus looks annoyed. The man has come from Capernaum because his son is dying. That explains why He came from such a great distance. Why does Jesus seem put off?


“Unless you people see signs and wonders you will by no means believe.” (John 4:48)


Wow, that seemed harsh to a man whose son is dying. Perhaps that was not meant just for this official, Jesus seemed to be talking to us all.

“Sir, come down before my child dies!” (John 4:50)

I know he is Herod’s man, but you have to feel for Him. Many children die young, but it is no less painless. I hope we go down to Capernaum and Jesus heals his son.


“Go your way, your son lives.” (John 4:53)


Wait, did I catch that right? Jesus is going to heal the man’s son from here? His son is twenty miles away. Doesn’t He have to lay hands on Him, or pray over Him? I’m not getting this. Perhaps He just wants to rid Himself of this Herod lackey and send Him on His way.

Well if that’s the case it sure did work. He’s doing exactly what Jesus told Him to do. At least He has enough sense to do that.


Word just came about the official’s son. He will live. Jesus healed Him long distance! Wow!

It’s gets better! The man became a believer along with his entire household! Everyone believes from his servants to his wife and children, to all his relatives!

Jesus just gets more amazing every day. Can life get any better than this? I believe I am witnessing a great transformation in Israel. God is on the move!

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