The Best Is Yet To Come…

We have been with Jesus for three days now. It has been the best three days of my life. Although a short time, I feel like He loves me more than anyone in the world. His presence brings me so much joy and peace. 

So much that I have made the decision to leave everything behind and follow Him.  I plan to go wherever He takes me. The love I feel in His presence is as if He Himself is love.

And oh, How He speaks. The magnitude of His words is breathtaking. A great Teacher for sure.

There are six of us following Jesus now, all completely committed. Before it’s all over I suspect there will be thousands. He is a magnet for humanity.

Today we are at a wedding feast in Cana. His family is here, His mother and siblings. I want to know them too. I want to know everything about Him.

Mary seems to have something to do with the wedding as she seems interested in the the service of food and drink. People are having a great time with a lot of wine cups being filled and refilled.

I’ll plant myself right next to the Master. I want to be close to him at all times. He too seems to be enjoying himself. He is delighted to be around so many people.

Uh oh, Mary looks concerned. 

They have no wine.” John 2:3

Why would she tell Jesus this. He’s a carpenter, not a wine distributor. 

I could see if there was a table not leveled or a chair to mend. What can He do about a shortage of wine? Is there something we don’t know about Him? Perhaps he knows where some wine might be stored. It will take a lot to satisfy this lot I tell you.

He doesn’t want to help. It’s not His time He tells her. Mary doesn’t seem fazed. Interesting. She just dumped the issue in His lap.

Family…Geez. You come to have a good time and then you have to deal with a problem that has nothing to do with you. She just told the servants to do as Jesus commands. I feel for you Jesus, I have family too. Wait till you meet my mother.

Well despite His complaints, He seems to be getting involved. He has them pouring something in those big pots in the back. It’s water. That won’t cut it, these people are in a party mood. 

If this feast runs out of wine there will be shame placed on these newlyweds. It will ruin their celebration. You just don’t invite this many people and not have enough wine for their enjoyment. Water is not the refreshment these people want. He better find some wine and quick.

Boy that sure is a lot of water they’re pouring. At least a hundred and fifty gallons by the looks of those containers. What are they going to do, bathe us?

Seems like he’s bringing a cup of that water to the host of the banquet. This won’t be pretty, poor couple.

Uh Oh, he’s about to spill the beans. Brace for impact.

Everyone serves the good wine first. They bring out the second-rate wine only when the guests are drinking freely. You kept the good wine until now.” John 2:10

Could this host be so wasted that he doesn’t know the difference between good wine and water? Hold on, here comes a jug of the same.

Whoa! This is the best wine I have ever tasted. What is going on here? What does this mean? How do you get a jug of wine out of a vat of water? Let me see here. 

Well I’ll be, it’s all wine. Every drop of it. There’s enough for 20 feasts. 

Did Jesus just turn all that water into wine? What does this mean? Only God could do this sort of miracle. What does this say about Jesus? Are there limits to His Power? What will happen next? I plan to fine out!

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