The Best Place To Find God…


I must admit, there are times when I struggle to find God’s presence. It usually happens when life isn’t fair and I’m feeling sorry for myself. Ever been there?

I think all of us have. From the greatest evangelist to the new convert, all of us have struggled finding God at one time or another.

I think the main reason I struggle is that I fall into these periods where I expect God to serve me. That He is my personal problem solver and all I have to do is snap my fingers and WHAM… he makes everything OK. Then I briefly get my praise on until the next time I need Him.

Is it ever really like that? Well…sometimes.

To the sick who need healing God has healed.To the brokenhearted who need a friend, God has given comfort. To the needy, God has provided. It’s how He expresses His love.

I have been in each of these situations myself when God sent relief. He has healed me, he has comforted me and he has provided for me. Sometimes when no one is in the room. But most of the time He sent someone else and came along for the ride.

Jesus is found when you serve others.

Did you get that? You find God when you help somebody else. Jesus did not suffer on the cross for Himself. He is God, He didn’t have to. To simplify, a good place to find God is where…

…you visit the sick and pray with them for healing,

…you find the broken hearted and love them like a friend,

…you sacrifice your resources to provide for the needy.

You find Christ when you are Christlike. Because that’s when you really need Him. Discipleship is impossible without Jesus being with you.

As a Christian you are part of Christ’s Body, the Church. You have a role in this Body, specific to you. You were not born to struggle through the week, just to find a weekly respite at Sunday service. You were made for a reason…a purpose. Your purpose is where your natural talents align with the Spiritual Gifts God gave you. It’s where your passion is and where God lives.

A perfect example is a fellow blogger I follow. She is a professional writer and a devout follower. Her tag line is “God is in my typewriter”. Now how powerful is that! And how convenient. Because her work is where she finds God! Every time she sits down to write, God is there…

…in the best place to find Him.


  1. What a beautiful post! I am in such a period of struggle myself, this piece is so beautiful. I struggle to find my purpose and sometimes feel as though what I do makes no difference at all and that’s when I retreat into isolation. As many times as God has showed up in a million different ways, I still struggle to see clearly. I guess its part of the pilgrim’s struggle to want to be better, to want to see better and to push to move ahead in His world which is sometimes very painful.

    Love to you my brother-

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    • Melissa, thanks for your transparency. Your heart is for God, I see that. You are a mother to a son that really needs you. That’s purpose! You are serving in your local church with others, that’s purpose. God has placed you, do the best you can where you are because it’s important and wait for God’s direction if your heart is to do more. The parable of the talents addresses this in detail. God bless.

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