I Know Your Hurting…I’ve Been There


I know you’re hurting because I’ve been there. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of your integrity. Loss is painful. I know the loneliness in it. We struggle to find our footing. We struggle to get up.

It’s hard to find comfort. I pray these words hit that mark. 

I’ve been where you have been. The blow life brings overwhelms. Hope for future happiness is faint.  God is distant.

Does he care about me? Is he concerned about my plight? I struggle to feel His presence. His promises are a distant memory and His words seem empty.

My friends treat me different. I am. My faith is low, my worship nonexistent. I’m drifting with no rudder. I’m spinning with no control.

I look for relief, a respite at least. Will this ever get better? Will I feel like this till I die? My fear is not life getting worse, rather never getting  better. I feel I have found my lowest point.

But then I find God in our special place, where we use to meet. I complain about my situation. I plead with Him about my life. I argue my case, my innocence.

And God answers.

He reveals to me…me! He chastens me with love. He peels back my layers and exposes the truth about me. What once was hidden from me is now revealed. As the dross rises, I am purified. He washes me and gives me hope.

It’s better now, not perfect, but better. I’m still suffering, but climbing out. I’m reborn…again! I see God clearly. He is with me. He never left.

I’m coming back stronger! My plight had purpose. We are closer, Jesus and I.

I found my Praise for Him. I lead with it. He hears my praise and defeats my foe. Pain has become Joy. I’m purer now. I’m stronger.

God is vivid. My struggle is distant. I find Him daily in our place. I’ve reached a pinnacle where love abounds. I can listen with empathy, then tell my story because I’ve been there.

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