Who I Am and Why I’m Here…


Hello, I’m Will.

I  love to write, yet have never done it professionally. For a couple of years now I have been trying to break through as a full time writer, but the distractions of other ventures have prevented progress. Those ships have been burned and now I am committed to being a full time writer.

I am a Christian foremost. I try to be a good one. Like most Christians I struggle with myself. Not with belief or Christ’s tenets, but with my personal faithfulness to practices such as prayer and study. Good writing requires knowledge so it will press me to plow through the scriptures for perspective and insight. Being the writer I want to be will require much prayer as I recognize I am a stranger in a foreign land.

As I age, politics are dominating my secular interests. SEC football is a close second, but I understand LSU winning a National Championship will have little effect on the future of this country. I know this contradicts the mindset of my friends from Alabama where the world revolves around the Crimson Tide. That’s why I pray continuously for the Tigers.

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me understands that I am opinionated and say a lot. I believe this blog site will be an avenue to best express myself while saving friends and family from personal rhetoric on current issues. It just might suppress the preacher in me. I suspect many pray it does.

I believe Grace is the foundation of effective writing. Empathy for the reader regardless of political or religious stripe is essential for connecting me to you. I want all to feel welcome at this site no matter if we agree or not (Bama fans included).  Having a great understanding of how you feel is important to me. I want to understand your point of view as I express mine, so your comments are important.

Heated debate has no winner as passions obscure truth. Sharing ideas with honesty and respect will develop healthy opinions and relationships. My goal is to reach many with perhaps persuading a few.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Will, I think he will make a great writer. I like what I read so far and I will pray for your success.
    it’s okay that you do not like Alabama, because we all can’t be perfect!


  2. I think this is awesome. You should always move on and grow in your life and your beliefs. May God always bless you and keep his hand on you….


  3. Welcome to the blogging family, full of others with a calling and passion to glorify our Lord through the written word. You will be amazed at all the amazing people you will find here and the great support across denominational lines.

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  4. Welcome to the blogosphere! There is a word that can be used to describe what goes on with Christian bloggers: is called “family.” If nothing else, it’s real people on the other side of these computers and iPhones (not an android guy) who really do care about and pray for each other, even when we disagree (just ask Melissa Presser).

    BTW, I would root for any team over Alabama, even if Hillary Clinton was the opposing quarterback (ok, that’s tough to stomach, but I’ll stick with the picture for now).


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