Trump’s Transformation Plays Like Hollywood

Politics has become interesting. Hollywood would be hard pressed to write a better script.  Although not featured at your local Theater, the divide in this country is real drama played out at varied venues.

Social Media is ablaze with political dialogue fueled with threats and ad hominem. College campuses are literally on fire with chaotic protests while women march in biological fashion. There is much to see before turning on CSPAN or Political Punditry.

There we witness a President moving full tilt with his agenda, congress delaying cabinet picks with rancorous debate, and a minority party disputing everything! Fake News allegations are being hurled at News Networks like darts in a British pub while judges are type cast as homeland security actors.

This story line is as compelling as a blockbuster movie. The Political junkie in me is entertained,  the history buff not surprised, the Christian a little disheartened.

But this movie is not an origional. Transformation comes with chaos. America experiences turmoil when the government shifts gears. The Declaration of Independence, The Civil War and Civil Rights each came with bedlam. Changing the status quo is not pretty. Wars are fought, cities burn and people get hurt.

At the heart of every movement is an icon-a personality. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King were at the spears edge during the most tense transformations in this country. They fought for change and suffered for it. Finding an icon in today’s political alteration, one should go no further than Donald Trump.

Similar scripts are found in Scripture with main characters a plenty. Joseph, David and the Apostle Paul upset the state of affairs in their own true life adventures. God has a way to stir up standing establishments as he prepares a nation for greater things.

With Joseph he transformed the youngest son of a herdsman into leader of the most powerful nation in the world. He too experienced resistance that forced him into a pit and a prison. But the happy ending found Joseph in the palace providing and protecting the very ones who harmed him.

David was a Shephard made King. He transformed an often invaded nation into a World Power expanding its territory. In the process he dodged javelins and suffered the life of a fugitive in his own land.

Paul’s transformation came from divine intervention. He converted from persecutor to advocate in the blink of an eye. Chief sinner to Greatest Apostle came via beatings, hunger and shipwrecks. But his legacy is writing half the New Testament that still encourages the fastest growing movement in the History of the World.

Perhaps Trump’s role is small compared to this all star cast. Perhaps his skill won’t stand up to these award winning performances. But the movie is just starting and as the plot thickens his performance has us all on the edge of our seats.

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