Why God Helped Me Fix My Lawn Mower…

Posted this a year ago. Brought it back to remind us to get those lawn mowers ready….
I serve an awesome God. A God who created the heavens and the Earth. A God who brought order into chaos. A God who parted the Red Sea, brought down the walls of Jericho and ordered the sun to stand still! He changed water into wine, gave sight to the blind and rose Lazarus from the dead.

And most recently he helped me fix my lawn mower.

This may seem small to you…

I know that might seem a tedious feat for such an awesome God. But if you knew how inept I am when it comes to mechanical tasks, you would put this right up there with raising an army from dry bones!

My day started with a simple honey-do. My wife loves a well maintained lawn. Few things put her in a better mood then coming home to a freshly mowed lawn. With the recent rain, it’s been anything but. With more bad weather coming, I knew I had a small window to accomplish the job that would please her (and avoid her sweet reminders).

So I went out first thing with purpose. I was of a mind to finish quickly. All went well for about 10 minutes. Then the dang mower stopped running. Crap!

It was the first mow of the spring. I figured the fuel sitting all winter was bad. Not a big problem, just replace the bad fuel with fresh fuel right out of the pump. Easy enough.

After replacing the fuel it cranked right up but stopped again after another 10 minutes. Double crap!!

Now I know all you mechanic types are running through your vast troubleshooting mind with advice and remedies. Fact is, I called a couple of you.

But you have to understand, I am the type when confronted with such a problem, I’m thinking small engine repair shop or a new lawn mower.

But I Hate This Stuff…

There are few things that I enjoy less than working on an engine. Getting my hands dirty is one of them. Plus it was not on my day’s agenda. I have little aptitude and less experienced when it comes to this sort of thing.

I have owned several  mowers previously and gone through the expense of repair and purchase just to avoid this type of nuisance.

But I wanted this done today and did not want to spend the money for the forementioned options.

So I Prayed…

That’s when I started to pray.

Okay, now I know that many of you are scratching your head. Why bother God with such a menial task. Perhaps you could understand if I found a lump under my arm or a  relationship that needed mending. But to fix a lawn mower?!

I even recited, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) I’m telling you, I was in serious prayer.

Okay before you start exorcising the demon of misplaced priorities, I know that my lawn maintenance is not on the top of God’s to-do list. I understand my lawn is not one of God’s priorities.

But I also understand– I am.

I am so important to him that He is willing to help me with the small struggles in my day to day life.

A Lesson To Be Learned…

He wants me to ask for His help because he sees an opportunity to teach me something.To teach me that if I include him, he will see me through to the end of it.

Perhaps small engine repair is fairly mundane to you. Fixing a lawn mower is as trivial as fixing a bowl of cereal.  But what about things you do struggle with?

Perhaps it’s helping your child with homework. Math homework! Or seeing you through a disagreement with your spouse, your child or co-worker.

Something related to your work, your health, your faith or your relationships. Something so trivial you fail to include God with its solution.

And when the big things appear, you struggle to apply your faith for lack of experience.

So here’s my plan:

Start including God in everything, small and great. Don’t despise small beginnings, but include God in menial things you struggle with and watch your faith grow.

When that mower cranked up after I went through the checklist of what could be wrong, I crossed my spiritual fingers and mustered Faith to believe God’s hand was in it.

I changed the air filter, the oil and treated the gas with an additive to unclog any blockage in the fuel lines. It ran for 15 minutes before stopping.

So I went inside and watched a YouTube video on cleaning the carburetor. Letting it sit a while, I went back and cranked it up again. This time it ran perfectly.

No stuttering or stopping and I finished the chore. In fact, when I finished I had a little trouble making the mower stop.

Now I’m not going to testify in church on Sunday that I saw a miracle from God. I’m not going to Proclaim in my small group that God reached down from heaven and touched my lawn mower.

What I will do is know in my heart that God cares about every difficulty I face. No matter how large or small, He is accessible to help when I ask.

And that I can do All things through Christ who strengthens me!

Even if it’s just helping me fix my lawn mower.


  1. I totally agree with you on how our awesome God cares about the details of our lives. I am so thankful He cares about his children in every way!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recently posted a comment on Facebook about however distant apart we may be, God can show us that he is there by sharing the same message with us at the same time.
    Your post is an example of that very thing that I was talking about.
    The only difference is that it was not lawn mower but my car in my case.
    My car is important to me because I am disabled, I have very little knowledge of cars so when I break down I am left in a void of incompetence because I dont understand how they work.
    To cut a long story short, I learned that God wants us to be dependent on him because he can do things far better than us. The Lord’s prayer teaches us to ask for our ‘Daily bread’ how ordinary is that ?
    You learned to ask as I did, and because you experienced God in the way you did you shared it in this post and blessed a man thousands of miles away who learned the same lesson. So the small lesson you learned turned into something that was infinitely than you thought it was. I wonder where it will end ? Thank you for your post I was blessed.


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